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The healing power of nature supports our bodies natural mechanisms. Traditional medicine has been used since ancient times as the only source for treating illness. Poor diet, lifestyle choice, genetics & disease can affect the ways in which our bodies absorb and use essential nutrients, contributing to poor health, nutrient deficiencies and progression of disease. Nutrigenomics highlights the influence of diet on health, depending on an individual's genetic makeup, and seeks to understand how chemicals in our food affect our health.

Our mission is to promote health awareness, with a holistic approach in providing guidance & support to anyone looking to take control of their personal health and maintain well being.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential nutrients that are used in our bodies biological processes. All of which can be obtained from dietary intake. As nutrient deficiencies can have detrimental impacts on our health, it is important to provide our bodies with the nutrients we need to function each day.

Gut issues, genetic mutations, some medications and illnesses can inhibit nutrient absorption and affect the way in which nutrients are used in our bodies biological processes.

Medications used to treat some common health issues are efficient in targeting specifics, such as pain, inflammation and bacterial infections. However, regular use of such medicines can cause problems in other areas of the body , resulting in antibiotic resistance, nutrient deficiencies, weaker immune system and disrupted organ function.


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